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Bees and other pollinators as for example bumblebees, butterflies, beetles and flies, are of great importance in food production. Successful pollination is a prerequisite for a good crop of many of our food plants. Using a pollination service is one way to ensure pollination.

What are the benefits of pollination?
The dependence of plants on pollinators varies from plant to plant, but generally pollinated plants produce better yields. Some plants do not produce crop without insect pollination. Other plants, on the other hand, produce more and better quality crops when pollinated by insects. In many plant species successful pollination also results in uniform ripening. Pollination increases the size and weight of berries and fruits, improves their appearance and shape, and has a positive effect on transport and storage durability. Pollination also increases the sugar content of the berries, making them more tasty.

 Our mission is spread information about pollinators and pollination service. We organize workshops, seminars and field observation days, make publications and carry out piloting projects.

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What is pollination service?

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